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Foyle's War

  1. An entire month dedicated to my favorite meal of the day is not something I can just ignore, so I’m celebrating on this beautiful late-summer day with some of my favorite Michael Kitchen scenes.

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  3. If you love ”Human” as much as I do, btw, you might enjoy this video. (Wish he’d been busking when I visited York.)

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  5. First day of the new school year calls for a change in scenery…

    anonymous said:

    so wonderful to have you back!!! you have been missed!

    Wow, thank you, anonymous.  I’m not actually returning to blogging but just felt like a change after a summer of MK’s Plan of Attack smile.

    And to frightfullybritish, a warm welcome aboard this rickety vessel.

  6. Quite simply blown away by the endless natural beauty of Ireland.  Must rewatch the scenic parts of The Hanging Gale and Kidnapped when I return home.

  7. anonymous said:

    I am not sure but I think some posts are being removed from June. Does this happen automatically because you are not actively posting? Your dedication and hard work are very much missed!

    Removed by me, actually, b/c MK’s beautiful smile is the first thing I personally want to see whenever I open KF.  Your kind sentiments are very much appreciated!

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  9. Anonymous said: From my vantage point, aside from being blessed with great acting ability, MK also seems to be among the precious few, who become more physically attractive with age!

    Not going to argue with you there, although I do think a short hairstyle like the one he had in Love Song, The Browning Version, and Out of Africa would have done wonders for his look in the 70’s.  But then, of course, he would have been out of step with the groovy fashions of the period.

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  11. Another vintage photo from the set of Dracula A.D. 1972.  I’m still confused by the position of MK’s foot.


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  13. Jack and Christine

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  15. Niamh Cusack acting out the fantasy of many a female MK fan, and Jack Turner/Michael Kitchen looking adorably flabbergasted at being the object of such desire. 

    (The rebroadcast of A&E began yesterday on ITV Encore for lucky UK residents who are Sky subscribers. Beginning today, there’s the added bonus of Dandelion Dead.)

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  17. The type of conversation described in this humorous blog post happens to me more often than I’d like these days - even when the topic is related to Michael Kitchen.  Thank goodness for Google and IMDB and teenage daughters when I really gets stuck.

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