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Foyle's War

  1. Haha, I agree, anonymous, reptilian was not a good look.  Fortunately, tablet and mobile users were spared. Thanks for the feedback.  With regard to the shirt design you requested, I can add it to redbubble next month. 

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    Foyle is less than pleased when Sam introduces herself as his new driver:

    "It’s, uh, very unusual for, um, a ranking officer to be assigned, uh, a driver from outside the force."

    Little does he know that this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

    Who wouldn’t be captivated by Foyle’s War and its stars after viewing their first scene together?

  4. Craig Ferguson (wearing his Foyle hat) tries without success to book the stars of his new favorite show, Foyle’s War.  It may be a lost cause, but don’t give up, Craig!

    Watch this opening to last night’s show here.  He also endorses FW on the April 21 broadcast at the opening and again beginning at 16:50 in the video.

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    Marcey marches a very reluctant Greg into her bathroom where she has prepared a bath for him complete with candles in order to help him relax. This must be one of the scenes that had the cast rolling about with laughter during the readthrough.  Pity it was left out of the DVD, but thankfully, it has been uploaded to YouTube.

    pdx144 said:

    Never saw that clip for Alibi.  Hilarious.  My favorite movie of his.

    Mine, too.  It’s the perfect package of humor, romance, suspense, and likeable characters with MK’s acting talents front and center.

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    Love this exchange between Foyle and Sam when he discovers she’s been posing nude for her new employer.  

    From an article in Birmingham Mail:

    Honeysuckle says: “Michael phoned me up to tell me [about Sam posing naked] and pulled my leg something rotten. I said ‘What? You mean she’ll be totally starkers?’

    “I thought I’d have to be naked in front of the whole production team. But then I read the script and realised you don’t actually see Sam with her kit off – just a painting of her with no clothes on.”

    I would love to have heard that phone conversation.

  9. It’s a wrap! Seems like just yesterday that the first photos and tweets from the filming of FW S9 were posted online. Thank goodness for the existence of twitter, flickr, instagram, and facebook, which enabled this fan to follow much of the action from 4000 miles away.  I’ll miss the glimpses of Michael Kitchen on the set these past three months, often smiling and even posing for candid shots. They’ve been a rare treat. 

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  11. Anonymous said:

    Pivoting MK is matched only by pivoting Cherie Lunghi in “The Buccaneers.” Don’t you love the scene where he calls out to her as she walks away from him and she turns to answer?

    A lovely scene. Both MK and CL pivot like dancers.

    (Thanks to The Buccaneers, I’ve learned how to pronounce “Brightlingsea”.)

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  13. Filming of Foyle’s War runs over schedule as they continue shooting today outside Bondmedia Agency in Liverpool’s city center.  Nice to see Sam alive and well in a snazzy coat and hat.  She’s looking even better here.

    (Actually, I’m now thinking that these photos were taken last week and not posted until today, since the FW crew indicated that filming was wrapping up yesterday.)


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  15. Craig Ferguson recently discovered Foyle’s War and plugged the show last night by giving his best Foyle impersonation.  He just needs to substitute a waistcoat for the pipe. Starts at 37:13 in the video.

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  17. Hmmm, I wonder who that could be.  Looks like we can rule out Hilda as the deceased - if the scenes are being shot in order.

    wolseley37 said:

    Seriously, could the photographer not have moved his arm slightly to the right so we could see That Man’s face?! Sheesh. Nice that Hilda’s up and about.

    The FW crew are quite adept at teasing us with their photos and tweets that reveal only so much.

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