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  1. It’s a wrap! Seems like just yesterday that the first photos and tweets from the filming of FW S9 were posted online. Thank goodness for the existence of twitter, flickr, instagram, and facebook, which enabled this fan to follow much of the action from 4000 miles away.  I’ll miss the glimpses of Michael Kitchen on the set these past three months, often smiling and even posing for candid shots. They’ve been a rare treat. 

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  3. Anonymous said:

    Pivoting MK is matched only by pivoting Cherie Lunghi in “The Buccaneers.” Don’t you love the scene where he calls out to her as she walks away from him and she turns to answer?

    A lovely scene. Both MK and CL pivot like dancers.

    (Thanks to The Buccaneers, I’ve learned how to pronounce “Brightlingsea”.)

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  5. Filming of Foyle’s War runs over schedule as they continue shooting today outside Bondmedia Agency in Liverpool’s city center.  Nice to see Sam alive and well in a snazzy coat and hat.  She’s looking even better here.

    (Actually, I’m now thinking that these photos were taken last week and not posted until today, since the FW crew indicated that filming was wrapping up yesterday.)


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  7. Craig Ferguson recently discovered Foyle’s War and plugged the show last night by giving his best Foyle impression.  He just needs to substitute a waistcoat for the pipe. Starts at 37:13 in the video.

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  9. Hmmm, I wonder who that could be.  Looks like we can rule out Hilda as the deceased - if the scenes are being shot in order.

    wolseley37 said:

    Seriously, could the photographer not have moved his arm slightly to the right so we could see That Man’s face?! Sheesh. Nice that Hilda’s up and about.

    The FW crew are quite adept at teasing us with their photos and tweets that reveal only so much.

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  11. Anonymous asked: I see where anony thanked you for steering her towards Love Song. Please tell me how I'd go about finding it. I would love to see it. Merci beaucoup!

    In order to make it easier to access, I’ve added the link to my YouTube page.

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  13. The smooth pivot Michael Kitchen does in Love Song is hard to beat, but here are some other examples of him in delightful counter clockwise motion.

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  15. Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for sending me in the right direction to find Love Song - I watched it last night and I'm sure I'll watch again before the weekend is over as it will be a rainy, chilly Easter for us. Talk about "swoon city", it gave me a case of "the vapors." Have a wonderful Easter and thank you for your updates on all things "MK" - absolutely love it.

    I’m so glad you were able to watch it.  It doesn’t get much more romantic than Love Song, and MK is drop-dead gorgeous in the early scenes before the mustache and swept back hair detract from his looks. I do hope that someday we’ll get to see an HQ version of the film.  Many thanks for your note and happy Easter to you as well.

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  17. Looks like the bad guys are planning something big on the last day of filming for Foyle’s War S9.  No doubt Foyle will foil their plot.


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  19. Anonymous asked: If they have killed off Sam I will cry forever. That would be too sad. Also what happened to the woman Foyle met in They fought in the fields. It would be nice to see him not so lonely. EP

    Yes, let’s hope they don’t pull a cruel shocker like that on the fans.  I was hoping for the return of Barbara Hicks as well, but Stella Gonet hasn’t been seen on set, so I guess it’s not to be. There’s always the chance that she filmed an interior scene in secret with MK.  If there are any huge surprises in S9, let it be the reappearance of BH in Foyle’s life.

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