To mark the premiere of George Gently S6, the next best thing to Foyle’s War S9 imo, here’s Martin Shaw with Michael Kitchen in a scene from A&E. The anesthesiologist is unavailable, so Jack and Robert decide to go with plan B for setting a patient’s dislocated bone.  After Jack completes the procedure successfully, MK does his adorable smile with the downward nod - knocks me dead every time.

pdx144 tells me that the first episode of GGS6 has already streamed on AcornTV, days before it even airs in the UK.  Could we have the same arrangement for FWS9, please, or at least a same-day premiere?


Lots of Kitchen curly locks going on here… *sigh* :o)

Yes, looking particularly soft and touchable in frames 3 and 4.  : )


I think the term commonly used is unf! Curls, crinkles, profiles, eyes, nods and tongue action. So many of my favourite things I could sing a song.


Can we all sing with you? In parts? Ladies, are you ready?
"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…"
"Curls, crinkles, profiles, eyes, nods and tongue action…."


I’ll gladly join the chorus!


All right girls, so long as I don’t have to take the curtains down and run up matching outfits for us all.

: D